About Us

Boise Darts was formed as an equal partnership between Phil Jenkins and David Grainger.  The idea came to us while playing darts with our friends.  We thought it would be great to create an atmosphere where dart players could enjoy the league and be proud of their operator/coordinator.  We believe the inclusion of Cricket in the league system as well as an increase in the number of games played in each match will improve the skills of players of all levels.

Boise Darts partnered with Bumpers, Inc in Spokane Washington, to bring the Titan Darts league system to the Boise dart community.  Bumpers Inc purchased new Galaxy II dart boards and we installed them in Strikers and Backstreet Billiards.  We want to give a special thanks to these two establishments, as they gave us an opportunity to show what a new and different league system could do for the dart community in Boise.  We felt with their assistance and the Titan league system, we could improve darts in the Treasure Valley for players of all skill levels.

NDA Sanctioning...

Titan Darts is the premier Dart league in the greater Spokane and Couer d'Alene area.  Sanctioned under NDA rules, Titan Darts provides competitive leagues and tournaments through out the year.  Bumpers operates the Titan Darts league system.  Bumpers is the operator of the Titan Darts league system in the Boise Valley.  All statistics are collected and maintained by Bumpers, Inc. for inclusion in the Titan Darts League system.  All players who play in the Titan Darts League system receive NDA sanctioning.


Team Dart XXXII

April 20th - 26th

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Dartboard Setup